Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday! (1950’s)


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Happy Birthday! (1950’s)

  1. Doncha just love “mystery photos” like this?
    What freaks me out is when I’m in them and I still can’t remember who those people are.

  2. I love the little girl on the right with her “pucker up” … I also think its interesting how neat and organized the table and the kids are.

  3. That looks just like the pictures of my 4th birthday at Queen Anne Kiddie Land! And the birthday girl has glasses just like my sister’s! (Mine was a few years later–enough for my photo to be in color–but not much!)

  4. I love the bangs of the second girl on the left side of the table — the one holding her arm.

    And it does look like a very organized “dressy” party.

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