Two Little Girls with Bows and Collie (early-1900’s)


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3 thoughts on “Two Little Girls with Bows and Collie (early-1900’s)

  1. Great photo all though you don’t know anything about it, that’s funny to me.

    Hi Darla! Almost all of the photos on the blog are what I call “found photos” from thrifts or eBay, etc. When I’m looking to post a photo for the day, I wonder myself why, who, where, etc. That’s half the fun – making up your own story to go with an image.

    These two girls appear in a bunch of photos that I bought from someone in California. The earliest photo of the girl on the left appears around 1910. There are photos from that timeframe until the late 1920’s early 1930’s (some are marked). Those hairbows seem to have been either handed down to siblings later or mass copied as they appear through a lot of photos.

    Thanks for stopping by! I love to hear folks’ comments about the photos, too.

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