Lady with Odd Smile Poses for Camera (early 1900’s)



11 thoughts on “Lady with Odd Smile Poses for Camera (early 1900’s)

  1. there is no doubt about where the shadow is in this one. Lovely old photo, she looks happy. Many times people look too serious in old photos.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. What neat photos you have..even if you don’t know who they are..I think they were interesting..Love the shadow the woman casts..Happy SSS..

  3. We were just going to talk about that belt – how interesting! We’ve been going through a lot of family pictures this week and have been thinking of you – you always have such great old photots! Have a super week!

  4. These old photos are great to see, though they have such a melancholy air about them.

    My mom told me once that photographers used to come into neighborhoods with a dolled-up pony and charge parents to take pictures of their kids sitting on it. I wonder if the photo below is one of those?


  5. That belt thing is something else!
    Her smile is odd but those eyes look huge.

    Always fun here!
    Sorry I’m late visiting this week.

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