Bathing Beauties, Let’s Meet At the Lake (early 1900’s)




12 thoughts on “Bathing Beauties, Let’s Meet At the Lake (early 1900’s)

  1. Suddenly not feeling so bad about the way I look in my suit! At least mine’s got some lycra to suck things in and hold things up a little bit! Better living through chemistry, indeed.

  2. Where is a problem, but when is a bigger one! I’m guessing prior to 1960, but how far prior I couldn’t say. Probably post-1930 though if I had to guess.

  3. Oooo! I love me some bathing beauties. I think they’re shaking hands because there’s some swim challenge in the offing…. XOX

  4. There shaking hands, they made a bet, the first one to the otherside of the lake has to re build the others pick up truck engine.

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