Just How Long Is A Hiatus Anyway?

I can’t believe I shut this blog down for almost a complete year!  And, now that its back, I plan to share even more photos and postcards.  I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting something every day, but I’ll try to keep things interesting.

I have a boat-load of vintage Florida postcards that I’m getting ready to scan and share, along with some more photos.

So, stop back by, or feel free to rummage through the archives for a photo or card.  If you copy, download, or use any of these images on your website in any way, please make sure to give credit to me and link to Daily Vintage Square.  Or, be prepared for the consequences!

This post will stay static for a few days or so.  Scroll down for some new stuff!


2 thoughts on “Just How Long Is A Hiatus Anyway?

  1. Hello again,
    I have an extra day off this weekend so I’ve had more time to spend on your blog and I’ve really enjoyed the visit!
    I wanted to let you know – in case you hadn’t heard – that the theme of the next Festival of Postcards is Geography – so if you think that any of your Florida cards might fit this theme then please let me know.
    The Call For Submissions is here:
    Evelyn in Montreal

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