1920’s Lady and Dog Casting a Shadow in Michigan

This photo came from a batch of photographs from Michigan that date from the early 1900’s until the 1940’s. 

Based upon the clothing, and hair, my guess is the photo was taken in the 1920’s. 

Who was she? I have no idea.  But, I like her face, and I think the dog is fierce looking. 

Do you think she was a “flapper” with her short hair and short skirt? 

Shadow Shot Sunday 2


7 thoughts on “1920’s Lady and Dog Casting a Shadow in Michigan

  1. I love these older pictures, the ladies were always so fashionable looking… Everyone dressed so nicely (we don’t really do that today, with cameras able to catch us everywhere – lol)… It would be fun to think she was a flapper, wouldn’t it>

  2. She certainly looks the part — and I love her look, holding that feisty little dog. Great image — wishing you a wonderful week. 🙂

  3. I think vintage photos like this are great! I bet she is a flapper. 🙂 I have photos of my aunt as a flapper and she looked very similar.

  4. Hello there and thank you for stopping by my blog !
    I really enjoy seeing vintage photos like this .. I collect (virtually) old post cards for holidays. I think she is a flapper type of gal .. and her dog may have a bit of pit bull in him/her ?
    It is a nice candid shot : )

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