1920’s Young Girl With Toys on the Porch; Shadows, Toys & Fashion

There is an awful lot going on in this photo including the neat shadows on the porch from the fence slats. 

Is she a child? or a young woman?

Do you think the doll is kind of creepy looking?

Care to add your own caption?

Shadow Shot Sunday


10 thoughts on “1920’s Young Girl With Toys on the Porch; Shadows, Toys & Fashion

  1. There is something disquieting about this photo! Why would this young lady be holding a ball? and be all dressed up like this? And am I imagining that the doll looks a little like her!??? The shadows from the slats seem to enhance her “shadowy secrets”! Based on these ideas, I would use the caption:
    Am I not a doll?

  2. I agree with you the photo is kind of creepy, she looks like a young woman..the shadows certainly add to the overall effect of the photo. And I have no idea why she would be holding the ball that way.

  3. I think she’s fairly young, perhaps 10 or 12? The doll looks typical, but I don’t think I would have wanted to play with it! Good shadows.

  4. she is full of shadows head to toe. even the folds in her skirt. i imagine her to be a young women…mid-teens. everyone is over for dinner and they are about to play a game. or she is an only child and the doll and the ball are her entertainment for the moment…lovely post.

  5. What a fantastic idea for a blog!
    This is indeed a busy and odd picture( but hey is a hundred years and if some stranger is pawing through my own crazy family shots I am sure they will say pretty much the same thing)
    I think that girl looks kinda creepy
    My caption:
    Play time at the asylum

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