1912 – Happy Birthday Wishes For You or Morton Salt’s “When It Rains it Pours”

This card is canceled on the front, but its kind of hard to read the exact date (June 5, XXXX).  There is no message on the other side, and was another card mailed to Bertha Dicus.  Based on the other cards that were with this one, I’m saying early 1900’s (plus the card itself is dated 1912 in the lower left corner).

Sharing this with you all because it reminds me of Spring Showers!  Which we have had enough of over the last few weeks.  The graphic also reminds me of the Morton Salt Girl – When it Rains it Pours!


Grand Canyon, Mom & Daughter (1917)


Bathing Beauty in Shadow (1950’s)


Sisters? Friends? Posing for the Camera, Smiles and Scared? (1940’s)


Camera Critters

Sweethearts Lounging in the Hammock (early 1900’s)


Spring Blossoms & Great Hats! (early 1900’s)


Little Kids, Girl with a Hair Bow, Sitting on a Tricycle – Not A Smile to Be Found! (1920’s)