Proud Grandpa and a Beautiful Baby! (c. 1920’s – California)

A Found Photo from a group that came from California.

I love the look on this man’s face.  He is so happy and proud!

And, I think he’s the same guy that was hanging around the tree in this photo!


Marmon Motorcar, Steel Erector Set Bridge, and A Wistful Girl


Breaking away from the “Wordless” part of Wednesday for a moment. Do you notice on the fender to the right of the woman? It says “Marmon” on it.  I am only guessing at the 1920’s on this photo based upon the clothing/style.


1920’s Young Girl With Toys on the Porch; Shadows, Toys & Fashion

There is an awful lot going on in this photo including the neat shadows on the porch from the fence slats. 

Is she a child? or a young woman?

Do you think the doll is kind of creepy looking?

Care to add your own caption?

Shadow Shot Sunday

1920’s German Shepherd & Ladies With Style!

This found photo came from Michigan, and was in a

batch from the 1920’s. 

Please feel free to leave your own caption!


1921 – Long Beach California ~ Swimming With Friends

Found photo marked on the bottom “Long Beach, Cal. 1921”
Care to add your own caption?


1920’s Lady and Dog Casting a Shadow in Michigan

This photo came from a batch of photographs from Michigan that date from the early 1900’s until the 1940’s. 

Based upon the clothing, and hair, my guess is the photo was taken in the 1920’s. 

Who was she? I have no idea.  But, I like her face, and I think the dog is fierce looking. 

Do you think she was a “flapper” with her short hair and short skirt? 

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

1920 – Vintage Motorcycles (in the mud)

One of my “found” photos that was in a batch from Michigan.

The Photo Friday challenge is “pristine.”

Is it a Harley-Davidson?

The closest I could come to was the absolute complete opposite.