1927 – 869 E Price St.

A very young mechanic, noted on the back of one of the photos: “1927 – 869 E Price St.”  That’s it — no city or state or names.


Anyone for a Road Trip to the Painted Desert? 1920s?

Hop In, We’ll Go For A Ride

1920’s ~ Ladies Out for A Drive

Where are you going?

Wordless Wednesday

Marmon Motorcar, Steel Erector Set Bridge, and A Wistful Girl


Breaking away from the “Wordless” part of Wednesday for a moment. Do you notice on the fender to the right of the woman? It says “Marmon” on it.  I am only guessing at the 1920’s on this photo based upon the clothing/style.


1924 California – Jack Russell Hitching A Ride

I love everything about this photograph.

The dog, the car. Everything.

Camera Critters

Boland (Texaco) Service Station and Trailer Park, US 19 & 27, Capps, Florida (1940’s)


Man, Posing with the Car & Golf Clubs (1920’s)