1920’s Young Girls Playing Posing for the Camera

The girl on the right looks very much like the young girl in this photo previous blog post.

This found photo was in a batch that came from Chicago.  I guesstimate the date to be early 1920’s.

They may be youngsters in this photo, but if alive now, they would be oldsters.


Anyone for a Road Trip to the Painted Desert? 1920s?

Harriet Scofield, October 1921

Hey Harriet!

The problem with collecting “found photos” is that they are rarely named and dated.  However, sometimes, a collector gets lucky.

So, we have here, Ms. Harriet Scofield posing for her photo all dressed up with somewhere to go!

Shadow Shot Sunday

1929 Vintage Tennis Fashions ~ Burdines, Miami

Another favorite from the Florida Archives.

We used to go to Burdines (Department Store) in Miami every Christmas to see Santa (during the 60’s – not the 20’s!)

 Woman models tennis fashions at Burdine's: Miami, Florida