Anyone for a Road Trip to the Painted Desert? 1920s?


Just Hanging Around

Found Photo – Two Guys Just Hanging Around (In a Tree!)

Can anyone read what is carved into the tree?

I have absolutely no clues about this photo. I just like it.

Fruit Crate Labels

I love the graphics in these fruit crate labels. Feel free to copy the Royalty-Free Designs (and link back to me if you do.)

Today’s Flowers

Harriet Scofield, October 1921

Hey Harriet!

The problem with collecting “found photos” is that they are rarely named and dated.  However, sometimes, a collector gets lucky.

So, we have here, Ms. Harriet Scofield posing for her photo all dressed up with somewhere to go!

Shadow Shot Sunday

Woman Your Country Needs You!

This is a vintage World War I Recruiting Poster for the U.S. Army.

Wordless Wednesday

1929 Vintage Tennis Fashions ~ Burdines, Miami

Another favorite from the Florida Archives.

We used to go to Burdines (Department Store) in Miami every Christmas to see Santa (during the 60’s – not the 20’s!)

 Woman models tennis fashions at Burdine's: Miami, Florida

Florida in the 1920’s ~ Child and Dog

 From the State Library and Archives of Florida

“Child and Dog ~ 1920’s”

A Vintage Camera Critter

Child and dog