1920’s Young Girls Playing Posing for the Camera

The girl on the right looks very much like the young girl in this photo previous blog post.

This found photo was in a batch that came from Chicago.  I guesstimate the date to be early 1920’s.

They may be youngsters in this photo, but if alive now, they would be oldsters.


Proud Grandpa and a Beautiful Baby! (c. 1920’s – California)

A Found Photo from a group that came from California.

I love the look on this man’s face.  He is so happy and proud!

And, I think he’s the same guy that was hanging around the tree in this photo!

Anyone for a Road Trip to the Painted Desert? 1920s?

Florida in the 1920’s ~ Child and Dog

 From the State Library and Archives of Florida

“Child and Dog ~ 1920’s”

A Vintage Camera Critter

Child and dog

Marmon Motorcar, Steel Erector Set Bridge, and A Wistful Girl


Breaking away from the “Wordless” part of Wednesday for a moment. Do you notice on the fender to the right of the woman? It says “Marmon” on it.  I am only guessing at the 1920’s on this photo based upon the clothing/style.


Hey Harriet! Check out the Vintage Critter Guard Dog

Not the most welcoming look on this dog’s face …

 “What the heck do you want?”

A “Found Photo” fron California c. 1920’s

Its a Shadow Shot — Camera Critter!

1924 California – Jack Russell Hitching A Ride

I love everything about this photograph.

The dog, the car. Everything.

Camera Critters