Pan American Airways ~ Globe of the Earth ~ Miami, Florida ~ early-1940’s

This huge Globe of the Earth is constructed of steel, weighs 3-14 tons and has a diameter of 10 ft. and circumference of 31 ft 5 inches. It is placed in the center of the Pan American Terminal building at Miami, Florida.

60 years later – I wonder what happened to it?

Boland (Texaco) Service Station and Trailer Park, US 19 & 27, Capps, Florida (1940’s)


Sisters? Friends? Posing for the Camera, Smiles and Scared? (1940’s)


Camera Critters

The Tile House Diner, Daytona Beach, Florida (Vintage Postcard)


Hollywood Boulevard by Moonlight, Hollywood, Florida (1940’s)


Vintage Postcard: Chuck and Bill, Fruit Experts, Kissimmee, Florida (date unk)


German Shepherd Posing with Smiling Couple (1940’s)


Camera Critters