WW – June1942 Grade School Photo

Wordless Wednesday


1927 – 869 E Price St.

A very young mechanic, noted on the back of one of the photos: “1927 – 869 E Price St.”  That’s it — no city or state or names.

Proud Grandpa and a Beautiful Baby! (c. 1920’s – California)

A Found Photo from a group that came from California.

I love the look on this man’s face.  He is so happy and proud!

And, I think he’s the same guy that was hanging around the tree in this photo!

Marmon Motorcar, Steel Erector Set Bridge, and A Wistful Girl


Breaking away from the “Wordless” part of Wednesday for a moment. Do you notice on the fender to the right of the woman? It says “Marmon” on it.  I am only guessing at the 1920’s on this photo based upon the clothing/style.


Family Portrait; or “Dig those knickers!”


1920’s Young Girl With Toys on the Porch; Shadows, Toys & Fashion

There is an awful lot going on in this photo including the neat shadows on the porch from the fence slats. 

Is she a child? or a young woman?

Do you think the doll is kind of creepy looking?

Care to add your own caption?

Shadow Shot Sunday

1921 – Long Beach California ~ Swimming With Friends

Found photo marked on the bottom “Long Beach, Cal. 1921”
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