Pan American Airways ~ Globe of the Earth ~ Miami, Florida ~ early-1940’s

This huge Globe of the Earth is constructed of steel, weighs 3-14 tons and has a diameter of 10 ft. and circumference of 31 ft 5 inches. It is placed in the center of the Pan American Terminal building at Miami, Florida.

60 years later – I wonder what happened to it?


Fruit Crate Labels

I love the graphics in these fruit crate labels. Feel free to copy the Royalty-Free Designs (and link back to me if you do.)

Today’s Flowers

Vintage Valentine Silhouette Graphics

These Old-Fashioned Silhouettes are “permission-free” graphics, so feel free to copy and share.  Click on the small gallery photo below for a larger view. 

1912 – Happy Birthday Wishes For You or Morton Salt’s “When It Rains it Pours”

This card is canceled on the front, but its kind of hard to read the exact date (June 5, XXXX).  There is no message on the other side, and was another card mailed to Bertha Dicus.  Based on the other cards that were with this one, I’m saying early 1900’s (plus the card itself is dated 1912 in the lower left corner).

Sharing this with you all because it reminds me of Spring Showers!  Which we have had enough of over the last few weeks.  The graphic also reminds me of the Morton Salt Girl – When it Rains it Pours!

March 1910 – Loving Easter Greetings (Vintage Postcard)

Another great card from Bertha (and Jim) Dicus of Alanson, Michigan.  I have quite a few cards that were sent to Bertha over the years.  Here is a Happy Easter card from her cousin Mary Bateson of Prairie Depot, Ohio dated March 24, 1910.

Prairie Depot, O.  March 23, 1910

Dear Cousin Bertha
I will try to write you a few lines to let you know we are all quite well except bad colds  hope this will find you all well.  well Bertha I have 3 children, 2 girls & 1 boy.  has your folks gone to Texas yet if they have write us their address and we will write to them  I wish I could see you and your family  come & see us when you can from your loving cousin Mary Bateson  HAPPY EASTER